Urban Bush:The Living Traditions

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“Because we are wearing the skins of those who came before us…and cutting the path for those who come behind us. And because we are flanked on both sides by those who walk with us, we bow to the continuity of Life; dancing unafraid through its seasons.”

Urban Bush: The Living Traditions

Urban Bush: The Living Traditions invites you to experience pregnancy and birth as an initiation into parenting. A preparation to receive the Forthcoming Soul. 

Throughout pregnancy, we are undeniably engaged in the creative act, each moment living our lives toward the birth ritual in either mindless or intentional preparation. If we take this opportunity to be fully present with the process, honoring the truths of our complete human experience, we can engage the critical work of facing and healing the deep primary wounds that many of us have carried since our own births. Through this journey we are presented with an opportunity to acknowledge and address intergenerational traumas before inadvertently imprinting our children.  Our babies come as our greatest teachers. Even before they arrive, they are preparing us through our dreams, our waking feelings, our thoughts and ideas, showing us where we need to focus and expand in order to remain fully present to our journeys with them. A commitment to our own empowerment through personal healing is a commitment to the success of our children.  An act of loyalty that creates healthier relationships, resilient families and stronger communities

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