labor, birth, & immediate postpartum service

~ On call availability for your birth from 37- 42+ weeks of pregnancy.

~ Phone support through early labor.

~ In home midwife support from active labor until several hours after baby’s birth. 

~ Intermittent monitoring of both mother and baby’s well-being throughout labor. 

~ Birth team consisting of midwives or skilled birth attendants (kitchen fairies optional) 

~ Encouragement of the intuitive impulse, movement and position mother feels is best throughout labor and birth.

~ Birth tubs available for hydrotherapy in labor and water birth. 

~ Support for the involvement of fathers and other support persons mother has invited to participate.

~ Attunement to, and respect for, mother/baby normal.

~ Respect for mothers wishes and the physiological, emotional, and experiential safety of both mother and baby.

~ Use of out of hospital emergency management tools and protocols as appropriate.

~ Continued support (either in-person or via phone as appropriate) in the event of transport to hospital environment, C*VID policies pending.

Immediate Postpartum

~ Honor for the undisturbed physiological process of birth including the sacred pause, breast crawl and skin-to-skin contact.

~ Honor for the golden hour.

~ Support in initiating and establishing breast feeding.

~ Encouragement of family participation (as requested) for cord severing ritual or facilitation of lotus birth.

~ Guided assessment of the perineal condition and discussion of the best course of management.

~ Guided assessment or midwife facilitation of newborn exam.