postpartum services

UrbanBush: The Living Traditions is INNATE Postpartum/ Physiologic Baby Care informed

~ Visits to monitor and assess appropriate transition of mother/baby at 24-36 hours postpartum, 3-4 days postpartum, and 7-9 days postpartum.

~ Well-woman and well-baby care home visits through 6-8 weeks postpartum.

~ CCHD screening & newborn metabolic screening available as appropriate. Referrals for hearing tests.

~ Weight checks standard at well-baby visits. Additional checks as required.

~ Continued breastfeeding guidance or IBCLC referral as appropriate.

~ Guidance and hands-on support for traditional laying in including: sitz bath, perineal hygiene, moxibustion, abhyanga, binding herbal baths and massage.

~ Referrals for holistic pelvic therapy as appropriate.

~ Guidance and support for baby wearing, elimination communication (infant hygiene), and cloth diapering.

~ Family planning and contraceptive counseling as requested

~ Support through the integration of the birth experience and childbearing year; addressing the complexities that arise while managing and changing and expanding self and family as well as referrals for external support that continues beyond close of care. 

~ Traditional closing of the bones ceremony to mark the end of care.