prenatal services

UrbanBush: The Living Traditions is a Holistic Pregnancy: Empowered Birth facilitator

~ Careful and thorough discussion of your needs and expectations so that they are actively being met throughout the course of care. 

~ Generally, in-person appointments following a normal obstetrical schedule (once per month until 3rd trimester, twice monthly 28-36 weeks, once per week 36 weeks until arrival of babe.) Depending on individualized care schedules, check-ins may occur via zoom (particularly with birth on location.) 

~ 1 – 3 hours allotted for visits: providing ample time for deeper discussion and exploration of thoughts, ideas, fears, and/or challenges, etc., as well as hands on care or ritual as required. 

~ Guided check-ins with baby at every visit to check positioning, growth, and well-being.  

~ Access to lab evaluations, referrals for sonogram, and genetic testing/counseling as appropriate. Informed decision-making processes for “standard testing” and clear, updated discussion of the pros/cons for any testing recommended or desired. 

~ Nutritional review, education, and support. 

~ Full placental education, bringing honor and respect to the magnificent, temporary organ that serves so selflessly during pregnancy.

~ 24/7 on-call service for urgent needs.

~ Assistance in accessing appropriate support services during your prenatal period to aid you in realizing your #pregnancy goals.

~ Access to and facilitation of The Forthcoming Soul prenatal & early childhood education as per arrangement.