schedule of service

Full Care

Care extends across the childbearing year (~10 weeks gestation-12 weeks postpartum)
Includes both prenatal and Forthcoming Soul offerings in preparation for labor birth and immediate postpartum
  • Prenatal Care: In home and/or office visits
    • Once/month: onset of care-28 weeks
    • Twice/month: 28-36 weeks
    • Once/week from 36 weeks-birth.
  • Live Guidance through the medicine wheel/deep shadow work and ritual processes as an integrated part of prenatal appointments.
    • Access to private, focused online community for support through pregnancy labor and birth.
  • Attendant on 24-hour call for labor and birth from 36 weeks gestation – 1 week postpartum
  • Assistance and care during labor, birth & postpartum.
  • Full Postpartum Care
    • 2 visits/wk for 3 weeks
    • 1 visit/wk for 3 weeks
    • Visit every 2 weeks for 3 meetings. Care ends at 3 months postpartum
Full care fees do not include: lab costs and sonograms for uninsured persons, dietary or herbal supplements, birth kits, external childbirth education, adjunct therapy (costs associated with acupuncture, chiropractic, etc.) or physician consult.

Postpartum Care

All postpartum clients receive care for 8-12 weeks following their birth experience unless otherwise arranged.
Two tiers of support available.
Again: Postpartum service is specifically an arrangement made to receive care AFTER the birth of your baby regardless of birthplace or who you attendant is. Full Postpartum Care is included in the cost and arrangement of Full Care with UrbanBush: The Living Traditions.
  • Full Care:
    • 2 visits/wk for 3 weeks
    • 1 visit/wk for 3 weeks
    • Visit every 2 weeks for 3 meetings. Care ends at 3 months postpartum.
  • Supplemental Care:
    • 1 visit/ week for 6 weeks
    • final check-in at 8 weeks usually via zoom.
All Postpartum care includes as indicated: sits bath, peri-steam, moxibustion, abyangha, nutritional support, general newborn assessment, integration of birth, and traditional laying in ritual.

Consultation and individualized care plans are available upon request.

Adjunct Care

Pregnancy & Birth as Sacred Preparation for the Forthcoming Soul.
A psycho-emotional journey though the healing/medicine wheel to prepare for the birth & parenting journey.
Concurrent care. This offering exists alongside primary care with an outside provider. Supplements primary care. Adjunct Care is NOT a replacement for prenatal care.
  • Live Guidance
    • Regular care schedule for in home and/or office visits.
    • In person guidance though healing/medicine wheel.
    • Live guidance through deep shadow work and ritual healing processes.
    • Live labor support (PRN) provided until departure to birthplace.
    • Access to online and community support.
  • Virtual Guidance
    • On-line interface with semi-guided journey through healing/medicine wheel
    • (10) scheduled private appointments take place through on-line platform. Access to online resources and community support.
  • Self-Guided
    • On-line interface with self-guided journey through healing/medicine wheel.
    • Option to set up private appointments as needed.
    • Access to on-line resource and community support.
Adjunct care options do not include live postpartum support. Clients are strongly encouraged to make postpartum arrangements.