working shadows

What is invisible becomes manifest at the gateways of initiation. Our work, then, as we prepare for this sacred ceremony, is to clarify our own vessels. In labor we must contend with ourselves; facing and making peace with all of our unhealed portions.

In this way, birth becomes medicine.

-Rachael Jean Batchelder

High Vibes Only…

First, we must release the conditioning that shadows are in some way inherently bad, that they will rise and destroy us. This is more likely to happen when they remain unaddressed or when there is no willingness on our part to do the work of introspection. When we repeatedly refuse to acknowledge the wounding, the discomforts, pain, or even the defenses we develop to block ourselves from those pains, wounds and discomforts, our lives become an ongoing series of defense plays. In the name of protecting ourselves, we spend energy blocking ourselves from triggers, protecting ourselves from wounding until we are unable to live fully, barely moving, feeling stuck…being destroyed by our own shadows. 

This is avoided by shining light into the shadowy places. Having the courage to face low or “bad vibes” and follow them to their points of origin, unpacking the resistance to heal along the way. So much is happening around us; it is easy to feel less vulnerable by building fortresses of defense. However, gently working our way through the dark corridors of ourselves frees up space for us to let in light and inspiration! We begin to align with and access the deeply rooted and unique gifts that exist on the other side of those defenses. We step into our full power. 

During pregnancy, tho… (why would anyone choose this?)

Pregnancy is a particularly potent time to address shadow issues because we are engaged in the creative process! For many, the energy of new beginnings, or of personal renewal/ personal commitment to whatever will bring them closer to their ideal way of being in the world, is strong. We are committed in our efforts to make positive personal change in the name of our children. 

On a deeper level, children are coming through us as ambassadors of the future, connecting us in real time to the healing that must happen for our bloodlines to continue to elevate. It is imperative that we carefully examine our belief systems extracting imbalance and fear before we engage the task of raising our children.  Without this process, we are subject to passing the same mental and emotional conditioning that our great-grandparents suffered to our children. Not because we want to…but because we never took the time to intentionally unpack it.

And, about those generational curses…

We have all been affected by the imbalances caused by systematic oppression. The experiences of iniquity, terrorism, microaggressions, disenfranchisement, and systemic institutional racism created wounding and fear.  Those fears created thought patterns…which created behaviors. And those behaviors have been passed down from one generation to the next whether they were healthy, beneficial, or even appropriate given the circumstances. When we do not address this reality, it doubles down in our consciousness…like feeding a virus. We observe ever increasing imbalance in the world but do not take the personal responsibility to address where those imbalances exist in our own psyches. We have work to do!

The Medicine Wheel

Our work through pregnancy is a guided process; we use the medicine wheel as a tool to look at key relationships in the human experience.  These primary relationships are usually responsible for our original imprinting about the world and who we are in it.  And it is through the exploration of these relationships that we can begin to clarify what we need to support us in healing and wholeness. Continuing on, we journey on through the elements; fortifying our relationship with the basic makeup of the natural world and creating pathways of communication with those elements so we are able to feel their support and lean into it as we become challenged by circumstances presented to us by Life. 

This journey enables us to face fear. It empowers us with tools to overcome the illusions created by those fears. When we take this type of authentic preparation into birthing time, what we witness are grounded people, approaching their journey into parenthood (be it their first, or fifth time) with solid knowing around what is required for them to feel safe, seen, respected, and loved. They are empowered to share this knowing with their children. Expectations are better managed. Communication improves because true needs are more easily identified and articulated. The shadows that cloud and complicate our most intimate human relationships have begun to dissipate and fall away.

That’s a big deal. 

The Forthcoming Soul is a course that prepares women/couples for empowered childbirth and parenting by utilizing the medicine wheel as a map to navigate the prenatal period.

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